Wednesday, 18 September 2013

My longest mile yet!

There comes a point when you just start running, where your body begins to hurt. For me personally, I feel like there is a difference in being in good shape, and being in running shape. I can rock Turbo Fire, but running is tough for me. Is that just me?
When I did my first Beachbody workout it was Insanity. I remember being in week 3 and literally could not get out of bed without rolling out. My back hurt so bad. My legs were shaky walking down the steps. Everything HURT. I wanted to quit, but never did. Because eventually the pain goes away.
September 3rd was when I started running (again) and this is my 6th run since then. (That heat spell we had kept me inside for a bit) I have been averaging about 3 miles per run, taking me about 40 minutes. Today I had just left the alley behind my house (that would be the picture of one of our neighborhood cats, Oz cat) and was at 3 miles. I turned right, and was just about to take another right to head home. Then I thought hell with it. So I went straight, and ran down another alley, then back home. I was feeling it. In my lower back, my shines, and my feet. I decided that this was good. I ran the furthest I ever had, and I'm damn proud of myself. 3.55 miles in 44 minutes.
But this is the time I usually quit. I quit because it hurts, and I get uncomfortable, then I just say "I don't like to run." "Running is not for me."
I can't, and won't stop now. Keep me accountable. Make sure I remember that my body will adjust. I can't expect results without being a little uncomfortable along the way, just like Insanity.
PS-love this song by Britney.

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