Saturday, 21 December 2013

December running

December 3rd
 So I was back at the doctor today for my irritating sinus infection. When your face feels like you got punched, that's a problem!! Apparently 10 days of a crappy antibiotics didn't help, and I still have one. Last night I was in so much pain and after my dentist app just went to prompt care. I'm not sure if I SHOULD of ran today, but I did. Went as far as I could without overdoing it. First time in the rain too, which I found relaxing. ️️It was only a light mist, but it didn't suck as bad as I imagined running in the rain would be! Christmas also came early for me! #turbofire deluxe DVDs, my tracker, E&E plus my vanilla Shakeology. Crappy morning turned out to be a pretty good day. Choosing to not sit around and be ticked I'm still battling this cold, instead getting some fresh air and clearing my head.

 December 13th

Look at what I did today!
I haven't ran since the 3rd, it's been pretty cold here and I have yet to decide if running when it's in the single digits is worth it. Today it made it up to 38, and I had to take advantage! There was snow on the ground, and so it made me a little nervous it would be slick, and I might tumble.
Turns out, days like today are some of my favorites. I started my run with intentions to do 2.5, then something inside like Turbo or T25. That 2.5 turned into "well, lets just do a 5K" then I thought, I am feeling REALLY good, so could I do 4? 4.17 up until today was my longest run ever, and I had only done it once. 4 miles came, and see that top picture? That is the alley behind my house that helped me get to 4 miles the first time I ever did it....up and down, until I hit my goal. By the time I got to this spot, I had hit 4, then I went back down, took a right, passed my street, and finished up through the next alley on the other side of my street. Being honest, I thought about 5. I thought it would be really, really cool if I ran 5 miles! Not wanting to push it, and starting to feel some aches and pains....I stopped here.
I wish all of my runs could be like this, but these are the ones that make me want to push even harder. The ones were you FEEL like a runner, and you push yourself past the limitations you have set on yourself.
Awesome, awesome day.

 That's all I have for this month. :(   It's been terrible cold, negative temps.  I will get out every chance I can, but now we are dealing with ice, rain, and snow later today. 

November running

 November 3rd
I did it friends!! today was the best I have ever felt, and I was in my zone. Everything felt good, and my mind was in the perfect place. There is something so satisfying when you have a run like this, and I know most of you know what I'm talking about. Any goal you want to hit, any dream you are chasing. When you reach those goals and dreams, it's the best feeling in the world!!

November 7th
 Today definitely got my mind off my troubles. It got my mind on my shins hurting, my nose running like a facet, my ears aching. Agh!! not every run will be good. I know that. I ran my best. I can honestly say I did. Yes I walked some, but I kept telling myself a year ago I would NEVER of been running in the windy, cold Midwest weather.
I am now.
All that matters. ️
On a side note. There were literally blankets of leaves on the sidewalks! That left bottom picture is my house. My favorite tree ever. It's like a lime green in the summer, and them turns this color. Soon, it will be empty and we will be raking needles up.

November 8th
 I'm supposed to be taking a "social media break" until tonight, but after having my best run to date I couldn't help but share it lol. I drive over to where I could hop on the trail, and everything about today was awesome. We used to love about a block away from this trail, and I started at a point to where I turned around almost by our old house. Memories came flying at me. Walking the girls when they were just babies in the stroller, our first bike ride, my first ever outside run was many years ago on this trail. Walks with our old Doberman. It tugged at my heart a tad, and who knows. Maybe that's what kept me going today. Happy Friday friends!

November 13th
  I guess the next time I question running with 20mph winds, wondering if I'll freeze the answer would be no! I actually overdressed and ended up unwrapping my scarf because I got hot! This cold weather stuff is all new to me, but eventually I'll find my groove. I started with #t25 gamma, and honestly tried to talk myself out of going. 2 miles was all I could get in before I had to leave to get the girls. it was also my first time running seeing snow on the ground. It was actually kind of cool to see it. ❄️❄️Just because a year ago, this would of never happened. #makingprogress #iamarunner #insanemomoftwins #coldweatherrunningmightnotsuck️️
Do you run in the cold? What are your tips for a newbie?

November 14th
 November 29th

First run in almost two weeks due to the sickies. For real. I'm as pink as my hat! I walked in and my husband even said "now that is a worn out face!" Did my best, felt good to get out there and run, but still taking it easy. #nottryingtomakeaduckface 

 November 30th

This quote was on my mind today. I had to adjust my thoughts and stop competing with the invisible person running next to me. Kept telling myself that this is the second run I have had in a few weeks and I'm still battling the yucks. It was brutal today. Body felt sluggish. I don't recommend eating after two days of Thanksgiving food. (If you can't see that on Facebook it's pizza lol) oh yes I did. Doubled up on #shakeology today, my body needs it!!

 These are all my pictures and post from my Facebook like page.  I'm trying to slowly shut down that page, and make my way back to blog land.  
In November, I ran 25.2 miles.  Ran in the snow for the first time which was pretty cool. :)  

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

I have a blog.....I must of forgotten

That's the only thing I can think of....I guess I forgot lol. To say the last month has been crazy is an understatement. It's been super busy, and between Facebook, and Instagram, I forget we have a little chunk of our life in blog land too. After closing up my old blog, it was actually hard to say goodbye to it....strange, I know. But it was like starting over, and I hate starting over, really dislike change!

As you know, my previous blog was all about my kids.  And now that they are officially in "school" my mommy gut is wondering if sharing pictures for the world to see is a good idea or not.  My "gut" is saying we are fine, but then I have to consider the people who tell me how scary it really can be to do that.  I have had someone take my pictures, and claim my kids were hers.  While we were not in any danger I don't believe, it was just downright creepy.  BUT, I have to document my kids lives.  Not only for us, but for them down the road.  So what to do?  Blog, but don't publish the ones about them?  Don't live in fear, and share my life the way it is.  What would you do?  What do you do? Separate business and family, only giving a peek in side our private side? I'll figure it out...hopefully sooner then later. 

In bigger news, yesterday for the first time, I declared myself a runner.  Yes I have still been running!  Not only just running, but actually enjoying it, and loving it!  I haven't posted since the 24th of last month, but here are some stats for ya.

In September, I ran 23.9 miles.  I would say I averaged about 3 miles or less a run, and 3.77 being the farthest I went.  

October, has brought changes.  The weather has turned into my favorite time of year, and mentally and physically I have grown into that runner I always wanted to be. 

Yep, that's me.  
A runner.
Prior to this, my fastest mile was 9:59, and my fastest 5k time was 34:56!!  
From my Facebook page about this picture.....

I just might get used to this whole running thing. if you asked me 2 months ago to run a 5k I would of laughed and said "I'm not a runner" where did this come from? I thought about that today while I was running. And you know where it came from? That desire of mine to push past my thoughts of "I'll never be a runner" because that's all I told myself! I was mean to me!! Which is why I always gave up. It was challenging. It wasn't #turbofire or #t25
I wasn't in the comfort of my own home, I was out running around the neighborhood sometimes being so far away I got scared I wouldn't make it back. it wasn't that far but you get that right?
So here I am now. I set out with two goals in mind today. Yes two. With rain in the forecast for the next three days, I decided I would push for my fastest mile....that nike voice came on and I braced myself (I had no clue where I was because my phone was in my #hipster) and thought "what if I didn't make it" then of course thought "it's not how fast you go" BUT. I did it. And the rest of my run fell into place. ️️ #addicted #iamarunner #running #justgorun
Now I wonder where I will go from here. It's getting cold, but that's not going to stop me from running. I have come way to far to stop now!  

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Rough, but done

First workout in 4 days.
Not gonna lie today was rough. I hadn't planned on how far or how long I was going, I know I just wanted to run. It started off ok, but then my legs literally felt like I had 10lb weights on them. So it turned into a walk/run. The good thing about living in an old neighborhood is how beautiful it is. I love the houses and everything about it. But one thing. And that would be the sidewalks. Not all of them are bad, but there are some that are really bad and I ran in a couple of dips that didn't feel good on my feet. I tried so hard, so very hard to hit 4 miles, but I just couldn't do it.
I kept reminding myself that it's not always going to be easy JUST like anything else in life. I will have good days and bad days, but it just matters that I did my best. And today, I did.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

My longest mile yet!

There comes a point when you just start running, where your body begins to hurt. For me personally, I feel like there is a difference in being in good shape, and being in running shape. I can rock Turbo Fire, but running is tough for me. Is that just me?
When I did my first Beachbody workout it was Insanity. I remember being in week 3 and literally could not get out of bed without rolling out. My back hurt so bad. My legs were shaky walking down the steps. Everything HURT. I wanted to quit, but never did. Because eventually the pain goes away.
September 3rd was when I started running (again) and this is my 6th run since then. (That heat spell we had kept me inside for a bit) I have been averaging about 3 miles per run, taking me about 40 minutes. Today I had just left the alley behind my house (that would be the picture of one of our neighborhood cats, Oz cat) and was at 3 miles. I turned right, and was just about to take another right to head home. Then I thought hell with it. So I went straight, and ran down another alley, then back home. I was feeling it. In my lower back, my shines, and my feet. I decided that this was good. I ran the furthest I ever had, and I'm damn proud of myself. 3.55 miles in 44 minutes.
But this is the time I usually quit. I quit because it hurts, and I get uncomfortable, then I just say "I don't like to run." "Running is not for me."
I can't, and won't stop now. Keep me accountable. Make sure I remember that my body will adjust. I can't expect results without being a little uncomfortable along the way, just like Insanity.
PS-love this song by Britney.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Corn Festival, 2013

For the past few years we have taken the girls up to my home town corn festival they have every September.  It's so fun watching them the older they get, ride more rides, and overall just have more fun!  It's nice to run into old friends too. :)

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Way back When-esday!

Play along every week with Cheryl at Twinfatuation!!

In honor of football starting this week, I dug out one of my FAVORITE pictures of the girls.  
September 9th, 2010
CUTIES.....don't they just melt your heart lol? ;) 

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Running and some pictures from the weekend!

What a super awesome run I had today. I gotta tell ya, I was going to stop at 2 miles. Not for any reason other then thinking I could come home and do weights. But then I decided to keep going. THEN saw I was at 2.47 and thought "I am going to run 3!" So I did plus a little more!! Feeling very accomplished and happy today!!

Labor Day weekend was fun!  Hubby had an extra day off work, and of course the girls were off Monday too.  I wasn't feeling the best, but we made the best of it!  Happy girls=happy family. <3

Thursday, 29 August 2013

After school fun.

Running~love it or hate it.

Correct me if I am wrong, but running.  You hate it, or you love it.  I have never been one to enjoy running.  Living in the Midwest, it's hot in the summer, muggy, I have terrible allergies, my sweat pours into my face, and honestly I just don't care for it.  
Ever since becoming a Beachbody coach, I have done a ton of workouts.  I have pretty much only worked out inside.  I have given running a few chances, but after about 1 week I'm done.  I start making excuses again.  
Something hit me this week.  And you know how sometimes you say your not sure what hit you.....I know what it was.  One of the pages I follow on Facebook, who has become a really close friend of mine, made a post about running.  You can read that here, it's a really good, emotional post.  
She is a cancer survivor, and her post really hit home for me.  I have always wanted to be a "runner."  To feel what if feels like to release the negativity from your life by lacing up and running.  But I never could.  And here's the thing.  Did I ever really give myself a chance?  I have quit so many times.  I think I finally figured out why I was quitting.
It's challenging for me.  It's really, really a challenge.  I'm so used to being in the comfort of my own home that the thought of heading outside is just not something I want to do! So I make excuses, and I just about my business telling myself "you aren't a runner." 
Why not though?  What if I started to go out there, and show myself that I was, indeed, a runner?  What if I stopped saying I couldn't, and proved to myself that I could?  What if...I signed up for a 5K this fall.  What if....I learned to love it, and became a runner? 

This week I have ran twice this week, and I plan on running a couple more days.  I am really sore, and don't want to push it.  From here on out I will continue to track my journey on my blog, but here are my first couple days!!  Not to and I'm feeling pretty good. :)

Day 1

Aug 27, 2013 11:02am

So I did it. I dropped the girls off at school, and made the decision to just get it done. I walked upstairs, sat in front of the fan on my bed, and for a second thought I'll just do it later. But I knew I wouldn't.
Those thoughts quickly went away, and I thought about all the support from my post last night. And thought about the ones who would check on me. That's they power of a support system. Not only do you let yourself down, you let others down too.
It was hot. I tried to run in the shade. We live in an old neighborhood so we have a lot of tress which is nice. Once I ran directly in the sun, I started just dripping. But I just pushed through, turned up my music and got through it.
My phone for some reason has "laps" so at one point I checked how far I had been and it wasn't even a mile. I thought oh jeez, I am not doing good! So I ran more. Then I got home, and looked at it and it said .54 of a mile....okay, something wasn't right lol. I expected to run about 2 miles, but I did more. Not to bad....although I still hope to understand how some of you out there run 10+. Hell, even 5+ for me right now lol.


Day 2 Aug 28, 2013 1:51pm I hit the neighborhood for a run again today. I did 2.41 miles in 35 minutes, then came home and did 25 minutes of weights from T-25 Gamma. I'm telling you I did not want to do anything after my run, but I changed clothes (I was soaked) and got it done. I'm feel good, proud, happy, accomplished, and SORE. Is there anyway I could stop running now? I mean, sure there is. But it would just be me failing. At something that is so challenging to me, but doing it gives you that huge sense of accomplishment. This might be a new chapter opening for me.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Twinfatuation-Makes my Monday

What makes my Monday, is that it's Monday! 
Last week was a rough one for us all.  The girls going back to school, getting off schedule, trying to find a NEW schedule.  When I get off track, so do my eating habits!  So I have recommitted with my challenge group to log my food again, and stay away from the junk!  Meal planning and prepping are a great way to make sure you have good food choices, so you don't have to opt for take out.  

What also makes my Monday, is these 2 little beauties were ready to go to school today.  There were no tears....except by Mommy!  It's hard to watch them walk into school.  I miss them like crazy!  But no tears from them is a super good way to start off the week! 

Play along with Makes my Monday over at Twinfatuation!

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Another reason to drink Shakeology

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Complex nutrition. Simple solution. 

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Friday, 23 August 2013

1st week of Kindergarten

So the time has come.  Never did I think it would actually come for some reason.  My kids would never be in public school. They just would never grow up!  But they did.
We had a great week.  Monday we went to the school park where they would be going to K.  We have been there before, but it was nice to go and talk about school and when they would be playing here for recess. 

The first day went pretty well.  It was crazy stressful, but the girls seemed happy, lunches were packed, so away we went! 

We of course, got there late.  So instead of lining up with the class on the playground, we were rushed inside by someone who should NOT of rushed us in.  Needless to say, we left Abby sobbing, and Alex kind of looking around not knowing what the hell was going on.  

The teacher reported that both girls had great first days.  They have actually had a great week!  I take them to school every morning, and pick them up everyday.  There has been some tears, but they quickly go away when they are settled in class.  When I pick them up, they have to come outside and go to a bench before I can get them.  Abby always comes out with tears in her eyes!  I get sad, but the teacher says she only does it she hears "lets go see MOM" which makes me kind of tear up.  Today she ran to me and was crying, and I asked her what was wrong.  She said "oh nothing, I just missed you so much!" 

I miss you to baby girls.  Mommy is having a really hard time adjusting to this.  I am used to a couple hours of quiet time.  But this whole 6 hour's not settling well with me.  I will find my happy place again.  But for now, I'm just going through the motions.  Trying to keep busy, while not trying to miss them to much.

Oh, and today Alex said "Mommy, some boy told me I looked pretty"
Me-"well, you are pretty.  Did you say thank you?"
Alex-"No!  You don't want me to have a boyfriend do you??" 
Me-" baby girl.  I sure don't."