Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Rough, but done

First workout in 4 days.
Not gonna lie today was rough. I hadn't planned on how far or how long I was going, I know I just wanted to run. It started off ok, but then my legs literally felt like I had 10lb weights on them. So it turned into a walk/run. The good thing about living in an old neighborhood is how beautiful it is. I love the houses and everything about it. But one thing. And that would be the sidewalks. Not all of them are bad, but there are some that are really bad and I ran in a couple of dips that didn't feel good on my feet. I tried so hard, so very hard to hit 4 miles, but I just couldn't do it.
I kept reminding myself that it's not always going to be easy JUST like anything else in life. I will have good days and bad days, but it just matters that I did my best. And today, I did.

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  1. I read about you today at RLAM... I think you have a great attitude! I don't know what Beachbody is, will check that out too. Take care and good luck :)


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