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I started my Insanity Journey July 18th, 2011. I have always been active, but I knew my body was needing more. I was nervous to give it more, or lazy might be a better word. It’s easy to get lazy isn’t it? Ive woken up after getting lazy, working out then stopping, and looking in the mirror one day to see someone I hate. This happened to me and my husband in 2005. We were in the middle of struggling to have a baby, The stress of infertility took us down a long road of ugliness. But we did have that *look in the mirror moment* and we both started back up again. I was a Tae bo junkie for a bit, and I finally got back in my groove, lost a lot of weight, toned up, and got in the best shape of my life. In 2007 I got pregnant through our first round of IVF ( in vitro fertilization) and then our lives got flipped upside down when we found out we were having twins! I had to take it easy being pregnant with 2 babies, I couldn’t really workout anymore. But I did well with my pregnancy, I ate well, and TRIED to gain the weight my doctor wanted me to. I gained 45lbs and delivered 2 big healthy baby girls.
Being a Mother turned out to be something totally different then I expected. I got diagnosed with postpartum depression 2 weeks after I had them. I was spending my days not eating, not sleeping, and basically crying when I was awake. I felt robbed. Where was the sunshine and rainbows that came with a new baby? I tried to fight it, and tried to just suck it up and do my best. But that didn’t happen, and my doctor put me on medication. I didn’t like it at first, but then I realized it was helping me be the Mother I had always wanted to be, so I continued to take it.
3 months after I had my girls, I started back up doing Tae Bo, Post natal workout. That got my feet wet again, so I was back in it, doing what I could with twin babies around. I discovered Jillian Micheal’s 30 Day Shred in 2009 and started losing inches like crazy. I discovered that, then feel in love with her and her workout programs, was doing Tae Bo and feeling pretty good. I read her book *Master your Metabolism* and changed the way my family ate. It was a total eye opener. But the problem was I was holding on to weight I couldn’t get off. While I know muscle weighs more then fat, I was 130 pounds before I had the girls, with a 33 inch waist. My 148 pounds was not muscle. And while I felt like I was in *good shape* something was not working. Like I said, being lazy is easy, taking shortcuts during workouts, not counting calories…..you name it, I’m sure I was doing it. I was working my butt off, but not pushing myself to my limits. A workout should never be *easy* So maybe I was fooling myself in to thinking I could look the way I wanted by working out for 30 minutes a day.
Then last year, Christmas of 2010 we made a quick, big move. We moved from a tiny little house, to a huge 2 story. I was overwhelmed. We were leaving a house that had memories in every room, leaving a house were were brought our little girls home after so many years of trying. We lost our Doberman to cancer in that house, and while that may not seem like a good memory, I felt like I was leaving his spirit, leaving him in a sense. I spent my days packing, crying, and going down a bad path again emotionally. I could feel the depression coming back, but just couldn’t face it again. I could not be diagnosed with depression twice. But I was, and I did. My husband came home one day and I was crying for no reason and he felt helpless. So I went back to the doctor, and started to feel better again. Started feeling excited about my new house, and excited to feel good again!
Insanity has changed my life. When I started this program I had no idea what it would do for not only my body, but my soul. When you get through an Insanity workout, you feel like you can do anything. Something about it changes your outlook on life. I went from working out 30 minutes a day, to now an hour plus!!! Just after 2 months I am stronger, leaner, more flexible, and feel better then I every have in my entire life!!! I have 3 year old twin girls that I used to use as an excuses when I didn’t feel like working out. Now I do it for them. I do it be the best Mom and wife I can. I used to look
in the mirror and hate everything I saw. Now I look in the mirror and tell myself that if I can do Insanity, I can do anything. In my last week of Insanity I loved it so much, I became a Team Beachbody coach.  Helping motivate and support people, helping others reach their goals is so rewarding!  I love being able to pay it forward.

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