Saturday, 21 December 2013

December running

December 3rd
 So I was back at the doctor today for my irritating sinus infection. When your face feels like you got punched, that's a problem!! Apparently 10 days of a crappy antibiotics didn't help, and I still have one. Last night I was in so much pain and after my dentist app just went to prompt care. I'm not sure if I SHOULD of ran today, but I did. Went as far as I could without overdoing it. First time in the rain too, which I found relaxing. ️️It was only a light mist, but it didn't suck as bad as I imagined running in the rain would be! Christmas also came early for me! #turbofire deluxe DVDs, my tracker, E&E plus my vanilla Shakeology. Crappy morning turned out to be a pretty good day. Choosing to not sit around and be ticked I'm still battling this cold, instead getting some fresh air and clearing my head.

 December 13th

Look at what I did today!
I haven't ran since the 3rd, it's been pretty cold here and I have yet to decide if running when it's in the single digits is worth it. Today it made it up to 38, and I had to take advantage! There was snow on the ground, and so it made me a little nervous it would be slick, and I might tumble.
Turns out, days like today are some of my favorites. I started my run with intentions to do 2.5, then something inside like Turbo or T25. That 2.5 turned into "well, lets just do a 5K" then I thought, I am feeling REALLY good, so could I do 4? 4.17 up until today was my longest run ever, and I had only done it once. 4 miles came, and see that top picture? That is the alley behind my house that helped me get to 4 miles the first time I ever did it....up and down, until I hit my goal. By the time I got to this spot, I had hit 4, then I went back down, took a right, passed my street, and finished up through the next alley on the other side of my street. Being honest, I thought about 5. I thought it would be really, really cool if I ran 5 miles! Not wanting to push it, and starting to feel some aches and pains....I stopped here.
I wish all of my runs could be like this, but these are the ones that make me want to push even harder. The ones were you FEEL like a runner, and you push yourself past the limitations you have set on yourself.
Awesome, awesome day.

 That's all I have for this month. :(   It's been terrible cold, negative temps.  I will get out every chance I can, but now we are dealing with ice, rain, and snow later today. 

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