Saturday, 21 December 2013

November running

 November 3rd
I did it friends!! today was the best I have ever felt, and I was in my zone. Everything felt good, and my mind was in the perfect place. There is something so satisfying when you have a run like this, and I know most of you know what I'm talking about. Any goal you want to hit, any dream you are chasing. When you reach those goals and dreams, it's the best feeling in the world!!

November 7th
 Today definitely got my mind off my troubles. It got my mind on my shins hurting, my nose running like a facet, my ears aching. Agh!! not every run will be good. I know that. I ran my best. I can honestly say I did. Yes I walked some, but I kept telling myself a year ago I would NEVER of been running in the windy, cold Midwest weather.
I am now.
All that matters. ️
On a side note. There were literally blankets of leaves on the sidewalks! That left bottom picture is my house. My favorite tree ever. It's like a lime green in the summer, and them turns this color. Soon, it will be empty and we will be raking needles up.

November 8th
 I'm supposed to be taking a "social media break" until tonight, but after having my best run to date I couldn't help but share it lol. I drive over to where I could hop on the trail, and everything about today was awesome. We used to love about a block away from this trail, and I started at a point to where I turned around almost by our old house. Memories came flying at me. Walking the girls when they were just babies in the stroller, our first bike ride, my first ever outside run was many years ago on this trail. Walks with our old Doberman. It tugged at my heart a tad, and who knows. Maybe that's what kept me going today. Happy Friday friends!

November 13th
  I guess the next time I question running with 20mph winds, wondering if I'll freeze the answer would be no! I actually overdressed and ended up unwrapping my scarf because I got hot! This cold weather stuff is all new to me, but eventually I'll find my groove. I started with #t25 gamma, and honestly tried to talk myself out of going. 2 miles was all I could get in before I had to leave to get the girls. it was also my first time running seeing snow on the ground. It was actually kind of cool to see it. ❄️❄️Just because a year ago, this would of never happened. #makingprogress #iamarunner #insanemomoftwins #coldweatherrunningmightnotsuck️️
Do you run in the cold? What are your tips for a newbie?

November 14th
 November 29th

First run in almost two weeks due to the sickies. For real. I'm as pink as my hat! I walked in and my husband even said "now that is a worn out face!" Did my best, felt good to get out there and run, but still taking it easy. #nottryingtomakeaduckface 

 November 30th

This quote was on my mind today. I had to adjust my thoughts and stop competing with the invisible person running next to me. Kept telling myself that this is the second run I have had in a few weeks and I'm still battling the yucks. It was brutal today. Body felt sluggish. I don't recommend eating after two days of Thanksgiving food. (If you can't see that on Facebook it's pizza lol) oh yes I did. Doubled up on #shakeology today, my body needs it!!

 These are all my pictures and post from my Facebook like page.  I'm trying to slowly shut down that page, and make my way back to blog land.  
In November, I ran 25.2 miles.  Ran in the snow for the first time which was pretty cool. :)  

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