Friday, 23 August 2013

1st week of Kindergarten

So the time has come.  Never did I think it would actually come for some reason.  My kids would never be in public school. They just would never grow up!  But they did.
We had a great week.  Monday we went to the school park where they would be going to K.  We have been there before, but it was nice to go and talk about school and when they would be playing here for recess. 

The first day went pretty well.  It was crazy stressful, but the girls seemed happy, lunches were packed, so away we went! 

We of course, got there late.  So instead of lining up with the class on the playground, we were rushed inside by someone who should NOT of rushed us in.  Needless to say, we left Abby sobbing, and Alex kind of looking around not knowing what the hell was going on.  

The teacher reported that both girls had great first days.  They have actually had a great week!  I take them to school every morning, and pick them up everyday.  There has been some tears, but they quickly go away when they are settled in class.  When I pick them up, they have to come outside and go to a bench before I can get them.  Abby always comes out with tears in her eyes!  I get sad, but the teacher says she only does it she hears "lets go see MOM" which makes me kind of tear up.  Today she ran to me and was crying, and I asked her what was wrong.  She said "oh nothing, I just missed you so much!" 

I miss you to baby girls.  Mommy is having a really hard time adjusting to this.  I am used to a couple hours of quiet time.  But this whole 6 hour's not settling well with me.  I will find my happy place again.  But for now, I'm just going through the motions.  Trying to keep busy, while not trying to miss them to much.

Oh, and today Alex said "Mommy, some boy told me I looked pretty"
Me-"well, you are pretty.  Did you say thank you?"
Alex-"No!  You don't want me to have a boyfriend do you??" 
Me-" baby girl.  I sure don't." 

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