Friday, 14 February 2014

21 Day Fix, day 2

First off Happy Valentines Day! :)  I love, love this day.  Some don't, and think it's a waste of a day....but not me. I grew up celebrating it, and my kids will too.  Why not have a reason to spoil someone with flowers, teddy bears, and candy? ;)

Okay, so back to my day!  Today was crazy busy!  Not only did I have to grocery shop, we got around 4 inches of snow dumped on us, QUICK!  The roads were terrible, and it was just coming down like crazy! This was after a 40 minute trip!

But I managed to get everything I needed, came home, cleaned a bit, and then got my workout in.  Upper Fix...(is that right?  I was going to say Upper Focus but that's T25 lol) 
Anyway, all upper body, and lets not forget to burn our abs out too, holy wozers!  Loved this workout so much!  Very challenging! 

Everything from forearm plank for 60 seconds, to shoulder presses, and push ups.  I am loving this workout so far, much more then I thought I would!  I have a new trainer crush! ;) 

On to the food! 

1 yellow
1 purple
 Whole wheat waffle with a dash of cinnamon, and some pineapple

1 red
1 blue
Shakeology, 10oz of water with ice, and 12 almonds

3 greens (tomato's, cucumbers, and spinach)
1/2 red (3 slices of low sodium turkey)

After school snack
1 purple
1/2 red (3 slices of low sodium turkey)
1 purple (pineapple and strawberries cut up)
(that blue is the rest of my almonds from earlier)
I did so much better today spacing out my foods, and am very full from dinner!
2 reds
1 yellow
This is cottage cheese, turkey burger cut up, and Quinoa  

If every day could be like today, I am golden!  I feel awesome, and was not hungry at all!  I can honestly tell you that in just 2 days, I feel different.  Less bloated, less gassy, and not so much heartburn are the 3 things that really stand out!

I did treat myself to a chocolate covered and Alex split it. :)  But you know what?  I think I'll be okay.  No cravings, and I'm ready to tackle the weekend!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and again, Happy Valentines Day! :)

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