Saturday, 15 February 2014

21 Day Fix, day 3!!

Not gonna lie, I was scared about the weekend.  My not so great diet, slips up even more.  My husband is not doing this with me, but he's being more supportive then I thought he would be.  Like he ate all my turkey meat today, so he went to the store this evening to get me more so I would have it tomorrow for lunch. :)  little things like that, are really helping me a ton.  I did get a craving for a soda today.  Now, I'm not a daily soda drinker, but we always have it in the house.  Again, I have someone here who has to have his Coke in the house.  I have maybe 2 a week...on the weekends normally.  But instead of giving in to my craving, I make my Shakeology, got my fruit and headed down to hang out with the girls.  I felt much better making that choice instead of giving in! On to my day!  I hate to bore you with my food pictures, I know I don't change what I eat much! :)

1 yellow
1 tsp of peanut butter
1 purple (not pictured is pineapple and strawberries)

I had kind of a late breakfast, and worked out around 1030.  So I didn't get anything in after this until lunch.
2 reds (cottage cheese and turkey)
2 greens (spinach and cucumbers/tomatoes
1 yellow (not pictured, mashed potatoes)

Afternoon snack
1 purple (pineapple and strawberries)
1 red (vanilla Shakeology with 12oz of water and ice)
1 blue (not pictured, 12 almonds)

2 reds  
1 green

I still have 1/2 a red (I only had 3 pieces of turkey in my salad, not 6) and 1 tsp I could have today.  Honestly, I'm good. :)  I MAY have just one more chocolate covered Strawberry.  Maybe. ;) Today's workout was Lower Fix.  Burn baby burn!  I didn't get a picture, but lets just say my booty, and inner thighs are in FIRE!! 
Happy Saturday. :))

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