Monday, 19 August 2013

Soaking it all in......

I have been a little MIA today.  I might sound like a broken record, but again, coming to admit that I'm totally and utterly SAD my babies are going to be starting Kindergarten!  Yes I know, it will all workout, everything will be fine, and we will all survive.  But it's tough.  It really hit me last night talking to my husband.  I remember the hard times in the past.  The nights they wouldn't sleep, the days I wanted to pull my hair out.  Thinking "one day they will grown up and off to school, enjoy it wile you can."
Today we have spent the day at home.  Playing a matching game, finding bugs, chasing butterflies, and just enjoying each others company.

Do we ever get prepared for this?  Preschool was a big change, but for me this seems even bigger.  I did go back to work a couple times after they were born, but they were never at the sitters for longer then a few hours.  I made it a point to be there, no matter what the finances said.  We made it work.  I didn't want to miss anything.  And I haven't.  We have spent days at the park, in the sun, swimming, blowing bubbles until we ran out, and also laying out blankets on those rainy days doing our nails and watching movies. 
Life in school is just beginning.  A new chapter is about to start.  I'm excited.  But also get a little teared up thinking about them being gone all day, and me not being there to protect them.  To make sure kids are nice, and to comfort Abby when she gets overwhelmed.  We tucked them in bed last night, and Abby came out about 5 minutes later saying Alex was crying.  We went up, and she ran into my arms and said "I'm going to miss you and Daddy so much" then Daddy explained that it's not to much longer then summer class, and they would be fine!
We came down, poured a big glass of wine, and thought about how fast time has gone by.
We meet the teacher tomorrow, first full day is Wednesday. 
Wish us (me) luck! :)

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